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The first feature of the app is to add favorites to a list.

GoFindDogs App (Beta)

We appreciate your interest in our GoFindDogs App.

 This app is currently in Beta, indicating that it is still undergoing testing and may be subject to changes or potential removal at any point during the testing phase. However, we believe that your feedback at this stage is crucial for the continued improvement of our service.

We encourage you to report any bugs, suggest features, or provide any other type of feedback that could help us enhance the overall user experience.

You can click "Add to Favorites" on the website to add the dog you're viewing to your favorites list. After completing this step, simply revisit your preferred selections to review the canine companions you've included at Dog Adoption Search (

Future enhancements of the app will include automatic searching and reporting on dogs to assist you with your adoption search.

 By signing up for this app you are agreeing to our privacy policy posted at Pawfect Pet Adoption Search (

The GFDogs Team