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We provide a straightforward and user-friendly dog adoption search tool based on your U.S. Zip code. Every animal that shows up in our search includes contact information, helping you to initiate the adoption process. Currently, our search functionality only covers the U.S.🐾

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Found my new furry friend quickly. Highly recommend to all dog lovers

Jessica Smith
Dog Enthusiast


Desk with leather desk pad, walnut desk organizer, wireless keyboard and mouse, and porcelain mug.

The dog squeaky toys are made with high quality, tight-woven cotton fiber. Bonus cotton rope for chewing, teeth cleaning. Long lasting and durable.
Each toy has a squeaker in its head and tail and a torso filled with crinkle paper. The squeaking and crunching sounds will excite your pet and add to the fun. These toys are perfect for shaking, tossing and retrieving, and playing fetch. These fun new toys will help your pets fight boredom.
Our durable dog toys do not contain any stuffing, Safe for your puppy to play, no worrying about your pet eating stuffing or scattering stuffing around the house.

5Pc Dog Squeaky Toys Durable Plush Toy

Wood table with porcelain mug, leather journal, brass pen, leather key ring, and a houseplant.

Dog Bike Trailer, Breathable Mesh Dog Cart, Safety Flag, Reflectors, Folding Pet Carrier Wagon with 16 Inch Wheels, Bicycle Carrier for Medium and Small Sized Dog

* Stable 16" quick release wheels for sturdy use
* BIG wheels for good terrain
* Reflector lights an safety flag included
* 2-in-1 canopy
* weather resistant fabric
* Folding design for excellent space-saving
* Easy to clean
* Fast assembly
* Fits for almost all adult bicycles with coupler for 20"-29"wheels

Dog Bicycle Trailer Bike Carrier Cat Stroller Jogging Wagon Small Large Dogs

Collection of four insulated travel bottles on wooden shelf.

Self-heating: Our products use the latest aluminum foil insulation effect, self-heating, no electricity and wires and plugs, energy saving and safety. The aluminum foil itself is a good conductor of heat. When the aluminum foil is wrapped in the product insulation cotton, the pet lies on the top, and the product produces a heat reflection effect, which can lock the temperature of the pet without losing, and communicate with the temperature of the pet to block the cold.
5-layer structure: self-heating pet mat, using super soft fluff, flannel insulation cotton, warm and scratch-resistant cloth, middle folder heat storage and heat preservation aluminum foil, bottom layer anti-slip epoxy oxford cloth 5 layers structure.

Pet Thermal Mat Self Warming Heating Hot Pad Mat for Pets Cat Dog Bed Non-slip